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Nutcracker’s CEO Jenny Knighting Wins Influential Women in Business Award

A HUGE congratulations for Nutcracker and CEO Jenny Knighting who recently won the Influential Women in Business Award 2024! Championing incredible business leaders is our vibe and we couldn’t be more happy for the recognition the team have received for Jennys leadership!

In their own words:

At Nutcracker, we inspire each other every day in so many ways – but who inspires us the most? That would be our CEO and Founder, Jenny Knighting.

Coming up to 10 years ago, Jenny set her sights on starting up a marketing agency, that was about more than just marketing. Working as a Sales and Marketing Director previously, she knew too well the disconnect between sales and marketing departments in many companies. Nutcracker was created to make a difference – to bridge the gap and to find marketing solutions that have a strong commercial impact. To embed Nutcracker into businesses with big dreams, and to be instrumental in aiding to achieve them. 10 years later, and she has done exactly that.

Jenny is a sales powerhouse, a master of creativity and a visionary leader. Her relentless dedication to business growth and her ability to turn ideas into reality sets her apart. Jenny is a reminder that anything can be achieved with the right mindset, and everyone at Nutcracker is privileged to be guided by her experience and passion.

It’s easy to understand why she’s been awarded the Influential Women in Business Award 2024.


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Beth Hellowell
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