5 Things They Don’t Tell you About Social Media Jobs

Welcome to the wonderfully wacky world of social media jobs, where the reality is a tad less glamorous but a whole lot more entertaining than you might expect. Forget the glossy portrayal of ‘hashtag dream jobs’ you see splashed across Instagram. Here, we’re spilling the tea on what it’s really like to navigate the digital jungle of likes, shares, and the ever-elusive quest for viral fame. From being surgically attached to your smartphone to becoming an accidental graphic design sleuth, this is your all-access, tongue-in-cheek guide to the quirks and quibbles of a career in social media. Buckle up, it’s going to be a hilariously honest ride!

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Let’s dive into the not-so-glamorous but utterly amusing truths about this digital wonderland:

1. Always On โ€“ Literally:

In social media jobs, your phone becomes a natural extension of your hand. Forget about those old-school notions of ‘office hours.’ You’re now plugged into the Matrix 24/7, ready to like, share, and tweet at a moment’s notice. Sleep? That’s for people without notifications. Your new bedtime story is the gentle glow of your phone screen as you answer that last-minute comment at 2 AM. #TeamNoSleep ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿ“ฑ

2. Part Creative, Part Customer Service Whiz:

Think you’re just going to create snazzy content and bask in the glory of likes and shares? Think again! You’re also the frontline of customer service. From handling complaints that have nothing to do with you, to explaining for the umpteenth time that, no, you can’t just ‘make something go viral,’ you’ll be juggling your creative hat with your ‘I’m-so-sorry-for-the-inconvenience’ hat. #JackOfAllTrades ๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿคน

3. Niche Trend Guru:

Remember when you had hobbies that didn’t involve knowing every niche trend on the internet? Those days are long gone. Now, you’re expected to know every challenge, dance craze, and viral cat before they even happen. You’re basically a fortune teller with a better understanding of meme economics. #TrendOracle ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ’ƒ

4. The Unintended Design Detective:

Before any post goes live, you become a detective, scrutinizing every pixel for accidental inappropriate shapes. Because, let’s face it, the internet has a one-track mind, and you don’t want your brand associated with the latest #DesignFail. You never thought your job would involve checking for unintentional phallic imagery, but here we are. #SafeForWork ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ‘€

3. ‘Emily in Paris’ Expectations vs. Reality:

Everyone thinks your job is like being ‘Emily in Paris’ โ€“ all glamour, fashion shows, and quirky adventures. In reality, you’re more like ‘Emily in Spreadsheet Hell,’ knee-deep in analytics, content calendars, and explaining to your boss why ‘going viral’ isn’t a strategy. Your most exotic adventure? Finally finding a free meeting room. #NotSoGlam ๐Ÿ—ผ๐Ÿ“Š

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Not been put off but our social media truths? Still eager to dive into this dynamic field? Great! Now that you’re armed with the inside scoop, it’s time to take the next step: finding that perfect social media job. Here a few places to start your search to land a social media job that lets you put all those skills โ€“ and yes, even those newfound meme insights โ€“ to good use.

Places to find a social media job

Social Media Jobs on Job Sites:

Job sites can be a bit of a bottomless pit BUT ย when you get the filters working for you they can be a treasure trove of opportunity. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are fantastic starting points. Even Reed and Indeed! But for those specifically hunting for social media roles, niche sites like Mediabistro and SocialMediaJobs.com can be great. These platforms are tailored to the media industry, offering a range of opportunities from big-name brands to up-and-coming startups. The key is to create a standout profile that highlights your unique skills and experiences. Remember, your digital footprint is your resume here, so make sure it shines!

Tip: Set up alerts on these platforms to receive notifications about new postings in your desired field and location.

Direct to Employer:

Sometimes, the direct approach can be the most effective. Thing about your digital footprint and your personal pages as employers will be sure to look at these (even if you dont list them on your CV). Scour the websites and career pages of companies you admire or brands that align with your social media expertise. Many organisations prefer to list openings directly on their websites to attract candidates who are genuinely interested in their specific brand or industry. It’s also a great way to bypass the middleman and get your application directly in front of the decision-makers.

Tip: Craft a tailored cover letter for each application, demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand. Look up the hiring manager on LinkedIn so you can personalise it to them.

Leverage Your Network:

Never underestimate the power of networking when looking for a social media job. Attend industry events, webinars, and workshops. Engage with professionals and thought leaders on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn and TikTok. The social media world thrives on connections and relationships. Often, social media jobs are filled through referrals or internal recommendations before they even hit the job market. So, building a robust professional network can give you an edge and potentially open doors to opportunities that arenโ€™t advertised publicly.

Tip: Be proactive in your networking efforts. Engage in discussions, share your insights, and don’t shy away from reaching out to industry peers.

Beth Hellowell
Founder of Women in Agencies and co-founder of Signify Digital. Mother, social media scroller and frequent pasta eater.