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Inspiring women in agencies into senior positions

This blog is written by Emily Williams, Women in Agencies member and content creator! Inspiring women in agencies into senior positions.

Female businesses are in the minority, globally. In fact just 17% of businesses are owned by women and Women in Agencies is working to change that; here’s how to inspire yourself and others!

1 – Speaking and visibility

Being heard and seen is something that women have not been taught to do but – here’s the thing – we’re actually really good at it. Using your voice is powerful and creating a workspace where your team feels comfortable, heard and seen too is going to encourage a thriving team of women… one you will be very proud to lead. 

It has become ingrained into our society that when a male achieves a senior position he deserves it and has worked hard (which, I want to be clear, is probably completely true) however when a female achieves the same she is lucky to be there and in the minority – and statistically is probably earning less than her male counterpart. Maybe this is because she was never heard and seen the same in the first place.

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education said “I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” If all women can be seen and heard then more women will rise to the top. This is why trends such as #womensupportingwomen and #fem-preneur really are important and have a deeper purpose; they let other women know that we see and hear them.

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2 – Training and learning

Training and learning are a great way to prepare you for taking on a senior position. Your wisdom becomes your voice and your voice empowers the rest of the women around you. Learning is always happening in our brains, this is why women across centuries have stayed quiet and unseen and been criminalised or branded “too much”. 

Have you ever chosen to learn something new or be trained in anything? If your answer is yes then you have what it takes to be in a senior position. If you are open to learning and training then you, too, will one day be in a senior position.

Through training and learning you will learn expert skills that will prepare you for a more senior position; you will build even more resilience (which is very important as a leader); you will also build new relationships (which will give you some great experience at speaking and being listened to). If you are always open to learning and never just assume you know it all you are going to be excellent in a senior position because this is often where leaders fall down: when they believe they are better than everyone else.

3 – Community and peer support 

Community and peer support is needed at all levels. It helps us to be our best but not assume that we are the best. It keeps us real, challenged and also accountable. You can guarantee that a woman who moved up into a more senior position had great community around her and also had great peer support. Peer support helps us to boost each other’s confidence, it is important to give support to your peers at all levels because it helps everyone!

Communities like Women in Agencies creates and hosts a safe space for business women to support each other. Our community opens up the doors to so many opportunities – for connections, jobs and learning. It creates a non-judgemental and non-competitive space for women to be their best and ultimately close the gap between female and male led businesses.

You can join the Women in Agencies community today for free.

Beth Hellowell
Founder of Women in Agencies and co-founder of Signify Digital. Mother, social media scroller and frequent pasta eater.