What is Tiktok SEO

What’s new in social and things to consider as a Tiktok marketing agency

What’s new as a  TikTok marketing agency?

You can now edit videos already live on TikTok… hoorah!! This is available for videos posted in the last 7 days and allows you to change the caption, hashtags and cover image. Great for when you spot a typo right after going live!

TikTok have also released a new tool to help advertisers analyse comments on their ads which can be found for most advertisers under Reporting > Comment Insight.

In this version of Comment Insights TokTok a marketing agency can look at the following:

  • Sentiment score per ad over time using positive, neutral and negative sentiment markers in comments – Useful to understand if your ad is driving the Brand Impact you want
  • Industry benchmarks – How are you ranking against other brands in the same space
  • The number of times certain words are mentioned in comments – Anything you can dig out for further content or certain queries that are useful to improve product descriptions
  • Demographics of your commenters – What age, gender, location and device are people commenting from, useful to understand whether your content is resonating with the right audience

This TikTok comment data can be an incredibly powerful tool to:

  • Jump on trends
  • Gain insight into ad reception
  • Develop products based on feedback/advocacy

3 questions to ask a client when developing a social strategy

  1. What is the number one most important metric to you in terms of success – is it followers increasing, increased engagement rate, an uplift in overall post reach? It’s better to establish this upfront so that you can tailor your strategy to their one key goal and ensure you’re aligned.
  2. Outside of your industry, which brands do you love on social? This is a good question to understand how much you can push your client to do things differently. It’s easy to look at competitors within the same industry and do things the same, but a point of difference is what you need to cut through on social.
  3. What is your process internally for signing off reactive ideas? Developing a strong relationship so that your clients can trust you with quick reactive content ideas is key, there’s nothing worse than missing the moment due to having to jump through multiple sign off loops!

What should I prioritise in my 2023 social plan?

Reactivity! Social strategies need to be reactive to the key topics that your audience are interested in, whether that’s sport, pop culture, music, politics or more. Factor in reactive ways to make your brand relevant and put you at the heart of trending topics.
At Rise at Seven, we use internal tools to spot trends before they peak to ensure we can just on moments in a relevant and timely manner for our clients. This has been vital in growing as a Tiktok marketing agency.

What do you consider to be the key elements of social media SEO?

Social media SEO is as simple as ensuring you include key brand words within your content to help you rank. On TikTok this includes within captions, hashtags, subtitles, on-screen text and sound.

If you want to ensure your video comes up when users search for categories – hair care, foundations, tech etc – make sure you use keywords in your video to help it rank

The best place to start is by manually searching for a topic related to your video and see what the most common trending search terms are (you’ll see this in the drop down menu)

Use those terms within your video to increase your chances of ranking.


Tip: these keywords/search terms don’t have to be visible in the video, you can hide them off the screen!

What is 1 piece of advice you would give social media managers in training?

Join the webinars, sign up to the industry newsletters, and listen to the podcasts. The more you can immerse yourself in inspiration, the better!
My favourite resources include:

If you are a social media manager or a Tiktok marketing agency we would love to hear from you – what social advertising trends are you predicting for 2023 and what tools do you use to show success?

Beth Hellowell
Founder of Women in Agencies and co-founder of Signify Digital. Mother, social media scroller and frequent pasta eater.