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What is the average marketing assistant salary in the UK?

Are you stating out in marketing and curious to know what is in store? Our recent research gives you an insight into the average marketing assistant salary in the UK. So go ahead and read on!

We could be biased, but marketing is a fantastic area of work. If you find the right agency fit, you’ll get a chance to learn incredibly quickly and enjoy a job that combines creativity and data, analysis and critical thinking. 

Starting out in any line of work requires a good amount of dedication and patience as you take on new skills, learn the ropes and get to know what is involved in those sought after senior positions. 

But let’s be honest, you’ll still have bills to pay, rent and general living expenses. So one of the key questions when starting out in marketing is – how much am I going to get paid? 

According to Indeed, the average marketing assistant salary today (2022) begins at around £22,032 (and is aprox £25,374 in London). These will depend on experience with some agencies paying higher and some lower based on the individual.

This has risen from around £21,000 in 2019 – and is in line with many of the salary increases in this field over the past few years. 

Does the marketing assistant salary vary based on location?

Yes it does! The average marketing assistant salary varies slightly across the uk. The highest paying regions are London and the South East in line with what we see across many other sectors and industries. Despite this, the cost of living in the South tends to be considerably higher than other areas of the country. 

marketing assistant salary

Common responsibilities of a marketing assistant 

There are many responsibilities that can be included in a marketing assistant role and depending on the organisation you could find yourself supporting many business functions. Here are some examples of possible responsibilities:

  • Supporting the sales efforts of the company or clients
  • Developing print marketing assets
  • Supporting social media management
  • Copywriting for blogs, websites and print
  • Conducting research
  • Working with external stakeholders, clients or agencies
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Event support and organisation
  • Supporting PR work
  • Email marketing
  • Engaging staff within your organisation
  • Helping to organise webinars, seminars or podcasts
  • Providing admin support

What qualifications do you need to become a marketing assistant?

Organisations vary and there are many graduate schemes and apprenticeships available. Commonly, organisations ask for a degree and some relevant experience but it is important to note that for entry level roles, employers are looking for a great attitude, a keen interest and an ability to learn. Depending on the role, your employer might be looking for evidence of numerical skills or could lean towards creativity if this better suits the position.

If you are considering applying for a marketing assistant job, here is a great resource that will be of great use for an interview! 

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