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How to win more clients – an agency owners guide

As agency owners, winning new clients is essential for the growth and success of your business. However, in today’s competitive market, standing out and attracting clients can be a challenging task. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore effective strategies and proven techniques to help you win more clients. Whether you’re a seasoned agency owner or just starting out, these insights will empower you to take your agency to new heights of success.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition:

To win more clients, it’s crucial to define and communicate your agency’s unique value proposition. What sets your agency apart from the competition? Identify your core strengths, expertise, and the specific benefits clients can expect when working with you. Develop a compelling message that resonates with your target audience, highlighting the value and outcomes you can deliver. By clearly articulating your unique value proposition, you’ll attract clients who align with your agency’s strengths and goals. Our recent interviews and podcasts with agency owners are a great place to start when looking to stand out.

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Showcase Your Portfolio and Success Stories:

One of the most effective ways to win clients is by showcasing your portfolio and success stories. Potential clients want to see tangible evidence of your agency’s capabilities and track record. Create a visually appealing portfolio that highlights your best work, case studies, and client testimonials. When presenting your portfolio, focus on the outcomes you achieved for your clients, demonstrating the measurable impact of your work. This will instill confidence in potential clients and showcase your agency’s ability to deliver results.

Here are 4 ways you can showcase your agency portfolio:

  1. Create an Engaging Portfolio Website: Develop a visually appealing and user-friendly portfolio website that highlights your agency’s best work. Use high-quality images, engaging case studies, and client testimonials to demonstrate the value and impact of your projects. Organise your portfolio into categories or industries for easy navigation. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive and optimised for search engines to maximise its reach and accessibility.
  2. Produce Compelling Case Study Videos: Videos are a powerful medium for showcasing your agency’s portfolio. Create captivating case study videos that provide an in-depth look at your successful projects. Include client interviews, before-and-after visuals, and key metrics to illustrate challenges, strategies, and results. Videos add an interactive element to your portfolio, capturing potential clients’ attention and allowing them to experience the impact of your work.
  3. Leverage Social Media Platforms: Utilise social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube to showcase your agency’s portfolio. Share visually appealing images, videos, and graphics highlighting your best projects, campaigns, and designs. Provide concise descriptions and relevant hashtags to increase visibility and engagement. Engage with your audience by responding to comments, answering questions, and sharing user-generated content. Social media helps you reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your website.
  4. Participate in Industry Awards and Competitions: Enter industry awards and competitions to gain recognition and showcase your portfolio. Research relevant awards in your industry and submit your best work. Winning or being nominated for prestigious awards enhances your agency’s credibility and validates the quality of your work. Display the award logos prominently on your website and marketing materials to build trust and confidence in potential clients.

Leverage the Power of Thought Leadership:

Establishing yourself and your agency as a thought leader in your industry can significantly enhance your credibility and attract clients it can be a great way to win more clients. Share your expertise through blog posts, whitepapers, industry presentations, and speaking engagements. Provide valuable insights, trends, and actionable tips that demonstrate your deep knowledge and understanding of your niche. Thought leadership not only helps you build trust and authority but also positions your agency as the go-to resource for potential clients seeking industry expertise.

Cultivate Strategic Partnerships:

Collaborating with strategic partners can be a game-changer when it comes to winning more clients. Identify complementary businesses or agencies that serve the same target audience but offer different services. Forge partnerships where you can refer clients to each other, cross-promote services, or even collaborate on joint projects. These partnerships not only expand your reach but also demonstrate your commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to your clients’ needs.

Harness the Power of Referrals:

Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients can be a powerful driver for winning new clients. Actively seek referrals by providing exceptional service and delivering outstanding results. Nurture strong relationships with your existing clients and make it a point to ask for referrals when appropriate. Additionally, consider implementing a referral program that incentivizes clients and industry partners to refer new clients to your agency. Referrals can be a consistent and valuable source of high-quality leads.

3 ways to encorage digital agency referals:

  1. Keep in touch: never go quiet on a relationship, you never know who you could help and who could help you in the future.
  2. Join networking groups: online networking groups for agency owners can be a fantastic way to connect with people and encorage business referals.
  3. Give more than you take: if you refer work, others will refer to you! If you are looking to win more clients then always think about how you can support your connections and your community!

Optimise Your Online Presence:

In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is vital for winning clients. Optimize your agency’s website to showcase your expertise, services, and client success stories. Utilise search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results. Leverage social media platforms to engage with your target audience, share valuable content, and foster meaningful connections. Regularly update your online profiles on industry directories and platforms like Women in Agencies, ensuring your agency is discoverable by potential clients.

Nurture Relationships and Provide Exceptional Service:

Building strong relationships with clients is key to winning more business. Focus on delivering exceptional service, exceeding client expectations, and providing ongoing support. Actively listen to your clients’ needs, offer personalized solutions, and maintain open lines of communication. Nurture long-term relationships by regularly checking in with clients, providing value beyond the scope of your services, and addressing any concerns or challenges promptly. Satisfied clients are more likely to become loyal advocates and refer your agency to others.


Winning more clients requires a strategic and multifaceted approach. By defining your unique value proposition, showcasing your portfolio, establishing thought leadership, cultivating partnerships, harnessing the power of referrals, optimizing your online presence, and nurturing client relationships, you’ll position your agency for success. Remember, Women in Agencies is a valuable resource and community dedicated to supporting women in the marketing industry. Join the platform to connect with like-minded professionals, gain industry insights, and access resources that will further empower your journey to winning more clients. Embrace these strategies, adapt them to your agency’s unique strengths, and propel your business towards sustained growth and success.

Beth Hellowell
Founder of Women in Agencies and co-founder of Signify Digital. Mother, social media scroller and frequent pasta eater.