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Agency interview questions – what to ask

When you’re stepping into a job interview for digital agency, asking some sharp and relevant agency interview questions is more than just showing you’ve done your homework. It’s about getting a real feel for what you’re getting into. Is this agency the right place for your skills and career dreams? For someone in a creative industry, getting a feel for the agency’s digital strategy, their way with clients, and the team vibe is super important. Asking these questions isn’t just about impressing the panel; it’s about showing you’re a thinker and a planner – key traits in the digital marketing world. Plus, it’s your chance to figure out if this role is the perfect fit for where you want to go in your career. Essentially, asking the right questions isn’t just for them to learn about you – it’s for you to learn about them, making it a crucial part of the interview dance for anyone looking to rock a marketing manager role in a digital agency.

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  1. Agency’s Vision and Strategy: What is the agency’s long-term vision and how does the marketing department contribute to this?
  2. Client Portfolio: Can you tell me about the types of clients the agency currently works with?
  3. Success Metrics: How does the agency measure success for its marketing campaigns?
  4. Challenges Faced: What are the biggest challenges currently facing the agency?
  5. Marketing Trends: How does the agency stay ahead of current marketing trends, especially in the digital landscape?
  6. Team Structure: Can you describe the structure of the marketing team?
  7. Professional Development: What opportunities are there for professional development and training?
  8. Creative Process: How does the team collaborate on creative processes?
  9. Budget Management: How does the marketing department handle budgeting for projects?
  10. Agency’s Culture: How would you describe the agency’s culture?
  11. Client Acquisition Strategy: What strategies does the agency use for acquiring new clients?
  12. Performance Review: How is performance typically reviewed and measured in the marketing department?
  13. Role Expectations: What are the immediate priorities for someone stepping into this role?
  14. Technology and Tools: What kind of marketing technology and tools does the agency currently use?
  15. Cross-Department Collaboration: How does the marketing department collaborate with other departments in the agency?
  16. Market Positioning: How does the agency position itself in the competitive UK digital agency market?
  17. Success Stories: Can you share some recent success stories or campaigns the agency is particularly proud of?
  18. Client Relationship Management: How does the agency maintain and grow client relationships?
  19. Agency’s Growth Plans: What are the growth plans for the agency in the next few years?
  20. Innovation Focus: How does the agency encourage innovation within the marketing team?
  21. Work-Life Balance: How does the agency support work-life balance for its employees?
  22. Client Feedback Process: How does the agency gather and implement client feedback?
  23. Industry Challenges: What are the biggest challenges you foresee in the marketing industry in the next few years?
  24. Employee Engagement: How does the agency ensure high levels of employee engagement and morale?
  25. Risk Management: How does the marketing team manage risks in projects?
  26. Sustainability Practices: Does the agency have any sustainability practices or policies in place?
  27. Diversity and Inclusion: Can you tell me about the agency’s approach to diversity and inclusion?
  28. Remote Work Policies: What are the agency’s policies on remote or flexible working?
  29. Employee Success Stories: Can you share examples of employees who have grown within the agency?
  30. Feedback Mechanism: What mechanisms are in place for employees to provide feedback or suggestions?
Beth Hellowell
Founder of Women in Agencies and co-founder of Signify Digital. Mother, social media scroller and frequent pasta eater.