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Tell us about Access HR and how you got started?

As an outsourced consultancy, Access HR is a proactive people partner creating transformational and sustainable people solutions in a digital age. The pandemic accelerated the launch of my business and in 2021 I made the decision to move from corporate to consulting. I started Access HR after noticing the rise of forward thinking businesses and creative digital agencies that thrived in the pandemic, but didn’t have the HR support or infrastructure for their growth.

Why do you focus on supporting female business owners and women within the agency space?

Female business owners and powerful women in agencies are shaking things up and I support them every step of the way. I focus on supporting women as there is a growing need to make change, and whilst this can be a challenge, having HR support facilitates their growth to becoming well rounded, proactive people leaders. Having HR as a partner not only build their skills and capabilities, but it also influences their credibility as inspiring role models for future generations to continue the cycle of powerful females in leadership roles.

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What are the most common HR questions you get at Access HR?

HR isn’t a one size fits all and that is what makes it so interesting, no two days are the same. The most common questions can be broken down into operational queries such as guidance on general HR casework including probationary periods, maternity leave, performance and disciplinaries. Along with questions for guidance and support of the investment of transformational HR which is for medium/ long term wins for sustainable and scalable people solutions in a digital & modern era.

How can business owners protect them and their staff from day 1?

Preparing for your first hire and seeking HR support is absolutely essential for the retention of your newest team member and to mitigate risk based on your legal duties as an employer. My absolute must haves ahead of their first day, to protect your business and agency, are a contract of employment, core policies and a job description.

What 3 things have you learnt working for yourself?

Whilst being self employed I have learnt many things but I would put my tip three most valuable lessons as:

Celebrate the small wins – Every day can feel like a rollercoaster, some days are amazing and others can be challenging but it’s a ride I never want to leave.

Knowing my limits – being self employed means having to wear many hats and knowing when to outsource and get support is so important in order to work more efficiently and for better use of my time.

Self care – if I failed to regosnise the importance of looking after myself, there wouldn’t be Access HR. Self care is a vital component to allow me to rest and do my best work and with that comes innovation, creativity and motivation to deliver high quality service to my clients.

What is next for Access HR?

Continuing to disrupt the traditional view of stuffy HR and shift the mindset from ‘Human Resources’ to ‘People’ for a warmer cultural approach. As well as growing in the HR space and inspiring my community to believe in themselves as age is just a number .

Are you looking for HR support and advice? Women in Agencies is proud to partner with Access HR in supporting female led growing agencies. Find out more about our partnership or contact Gerogia for a free consultation.

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