Angharad Planells

Women in PR : Angharad Planells, Radioactive

To kick off our women in PR series we spoke to Angharad, Head of PR & Culture at Radioactive. We wanted to know why a role in PR stood out to her and how to get started in this fast changing industry!

What attracted you to a role in PR?

I was working as a radio newsreader for a local station when I realised we should do more to attract listeners and inadvertently ended up PR-ing the station. Before that point I had no idea what PR was but I love storytelling and the psychology behind using language and messages to influence human behaviour. It’s a fascinating industry and I’ve done things I couldn’t have ever imagined! 
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What was the biggest surprise about working in PR that you didn’t expect?

Good or bad surprise?! The pace of change in the industry in the last 15 years has been insane. From the value on online coverage overtaking print, to the rise of digital PR as it’s own discipline, and now the introduction of AI – the industry is, in a lot of ways, unrecognisable to the one I first joined. What’s nice about that though is the fundamentals of PR remain the same, so it’s a case of staying curious and trying things out. A bonus surprise is just how welcoming and friendly the rest of the industry is. People are always willing to share knowledge, tips, best practice, and lessons from failures to the betterment of everyone.

What is your advice for women in PR looking to learn more or get started?

Take up space, and then create more space. Get a mentor. Ask for help (it’s not a weakness!). Babies won’t kill your career if you don’t want them to but they might stall it a little, don’t worry you’ll get it back. Join Twitter – the knowledge sharing there is invaluable. Try all the things – once you accept there’s no ‘right’ way to do most things in life, no decision you make can ever be wrong. Confidence isn’t something you ‘are’, it’s a skill that takes practice. Call out bullshit. It’s a myth that you have to be an extrovert to work in PR. Despite all the technology available now, command of the written word is still the most important and powerful skill in a PR pro’s arsenal. Life experience is hugely valuable, and everyone’s unique perspective on the world is where the best creativity comes from. Find your comms superpower – data, strategy, delivery, client management, creativity – and nurture it in any way you can. PR is a team effort – find or create a team that makes it easy to both celebrate the highs and ride out the lows. Most of all – stay curious!
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