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Collaboration To Create A Freelance Agency

Hi Victoria, tell us a bit about We Are All Marketing and what makes it unique?

Hi! Thanks so much for inviting me to take part! Yes of course – We Are All Marketing is a full mix marketing agency powered by freelancers working flexibly, essentially a freelance agency! We work with clients of all sizes and stages, and connect some of marketing’s best minds that want to work flexibly to brands looking for experienced or specialist support, but don’t want to, or aren’t yet ready for a full time hire.

What is your role at We Are Marketing?

My role is CEO on paper, but really I’m here to make sure we are doing the best to serve our community of marketers and clients as well as we can.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, but tend to do more with those that don’t have a marketing department, or those that have a small marketing function. We have a sweet spot working with clients who want to try out some new things but can be caught up in BAU!

What have you found most useful in growing your marketing knowledge?

Networking and collaboration, for sure. There’s endless whitepapers and books on my to do list, but finding the time is really tricky these days (I have a toddler..!). It might be just me, but it can feel a bit like piled up homework that I just can’t get to. Speaking to experts in their field for me is so great because you get lived experience (and often more objectivity), plus the bonus of establishing and strengthening relationships at the same time!

Where do you look to to upskill or learn more?

Webinars and podcasts mostly, or trends and reports from the market – finding good, independent insights is so key (and getting a bit trickier these days).

How has the industry changed since you have been working in marketing? (and how do you keep up with change?)

Oh goodness, so much.. without sounding like I’m 300 years old, I remember textbooks at uni talking about this thing called “Ecommerce being a place you can buy goods on the Internet”… But seriously, seeing how digital has exploded has been a constant drive to stay up to date, to drive businesses forward, but also to think strategically how these new, next, latest innovations can work for different brands.

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What challenges do you come up against in your work?

I’d say keeping up, but really it’s imposter syndrome. Being right and true and honest with clients is really important to me, and it’s easy sometimes to feel left behind because some (loud, brash) voices in the industry shout in absolutist terms. Which can then make you second guess yourself. It’s a cliche, but trusting your gut is so important. When you’ve been in this game a while, you get a sense pretty quickly when something doesn’t sit right.

Why do you think community is so important in the agency space?

Collaborations are where the magic happens. Ultimately, good people know good people, and find opportunities to share and make good work even better.

What is coming up for We Are All Marketing?

We Are All Marketing is in an exciting growth phase, we’re still early stages, so figuring it out as we go, but some big things are in the pipeline!

Beth Hellowell
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