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Imposter syndrome & finding the right agency with Stephanie Caldecott

We chatted to the lovely Stephanie, the brand communications manager at Circus PPC Agency about imposter syndrome and finding an agency job that fits your goals and lifestyle.

So, firstly, what is imposter syndrome? Stephanie explained to us it’s “doubting yourself and not really being as confident as you should be in your abilities, maybe thinking that you’re overreaching or thinking that you’re not qualified or cut out for a certain role or a certain activity, when in fact, you are.” She went on to say “I think most people experience it in their life. I think most people doubt themselves at times. But I think especially in our industry, a lot of people experience it on a day to day or week to week basis.”

We chatted about confidence and Stephanie said her’s “has definitely come from coming into an agency where ideas from all members of staff are encouraged, and you’re encouraged to get involved all the time.” Whereas previously she felt she’d “worked for places that are a little bit more subdued and the hierarchy is made clear”. 

Stephanie said that a big part of her confidence at work has been their annual team workshop, where “anyone can bring any idea about the agency, no matter what it is. It’s encouraged, even if it’s controversial and a lot of people might not agree with it”. “We just discuss it as an agency, and we see if we can implement it”. She explained it might help you individually but it could help everyone so it’s helped her confidence to speak up and bring ideas forwards.

We need a short ending basically saying thank you and here are the links to her site.

When asked about her confidence now and what she believes helped her to get to this point, Stephanie really believes that finding an agency that works for you is such a huge help with imposter syndrome at work. Find an agency that is “open to flexibility, to your own individual needs” and that encourages you to “speak up and be a proper part of the agency”. 

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Thank you so much for joining us Stephanie, it was a pleasure! All of Stephanie’s links are below.

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