facts about the menopause

Facts about the menopause at work

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Facts about the menopause at work

Statistics show (British Menopause Society) that 25% of women go through the menopause with little impact on their daily life. But this means 75% experience symptoms that can last for several years and have a negative impact on their performance at work. Sleepless nights can affect concentration, while hot flushes can be physically distressing and embarrassing. The British Menopause Society actually state 34 different symptoms and are keen to point out that no two women are the same and many women can have quite different experiences.

facts about the menopause

Why should we act now?

The Office of National Statistics have shown that women aged 50 to 64 are the fastest growing economically active group. By supporting women through the menopause, your organisation will benefit from increased engagement and loyalty, as well as lower sickness absence and employee turnover.

Why the menopause isn’t HR’s responsibility

Of course, HR will have a role to play in supporting the business in their legal duty to ensure working conditions don’t exacerbate someone’s symptoms and to protect employees from discrimination, but the majority of direct support must come from line managers and colleagues. In a business world trying to foster equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace we all have a part to play in supporting our work mates.

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