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Designing an inspiring workplace – why is it important now that most of us can WFH?

By Circus PPC

The past couple of years, despite having seen the world suffer at the hands of the pandemic, also saw magnificent strides in the way that many businesses work. Restrictions and lockdowns meant that businesses were forced into remote working in order to abide by strict government guidelines.

Now that things have settled and are almost completely back to normal, many businesses saw how well remote working can work, leading them to either abolish office working completely, or move to a hybrid working model.

However, in both cases, there often seems to be a lack of importance put on the design and overall atmosphere of office spaces now that they’re not deemed a necessity. Circus PPC Agency, a PPC agency based in Leeds, have recently moved into new offices in Leeds City Centre, yet continue to implement a ‘work from anywhere’ policy that allows team members to work in a way that best suits them.

The Circus PPC team spoke about why having an inspiring office space is essential to the way they work:

Meg Wilson-Taylor, PPC Manager

“For me, I’ve always preferred to work from the office. I live within walking distance to our office space, so it makes total sense for me to come in and spend the working day with my colleagues.

The design of an office itself has a huge effect on morale, and when we moved into our new office spaces, everyone was super excited and grateful to have been part of the design and planning process that allowed us to create such an incredible space.

Companies that are leasing dull, uncharacterised offices out of (what they think is) necessity are making a huge mistake – and if they want to inspire their team and encourage more collaborative working, should look at investing time and money in a space that works for them and inspires their team.”

Meg Wilson-Taylor, PPC Manager

Abbie Hampson, PPC Manager

“I’m the only member of the team that works remotely on a permanent basis – I’m based down in London – so I’m fully aware of the benefits that being able to work from home has. However, do I wish that I could see the team more often? 100%!

I visit Leeds once a month to catch-up with the team in-person and it keeps me motivated, in touch with my colleagues, and inspired to do my best work. The office spaces that Circus have invested in are better than any of us could have imagined, and I’m grateful to work for an agency that offers the best of both worlds – amazing offices, and the option to work from anywhere!”

Abbie Hampson, PPC Manager

Check out the Circus PPC Office Launch!

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